High Performance Fabrics are special purpose fabrics for Personal Protective Equipment, Safety or Industrial applications. High performance fibers like Dyneema®, Technora®, Twaron® or Vectran™ offer a unique combination of properties that allows designing and constructing High Performance fabrics for heavy duty and demanding applications.

The exceptional strength of Dyneema® in combination with its low specific weight, chemical-, UV- and high abrasion and cut resistance makes the fiber very suitable for fabrics that protect against heavy duty chainsaws, ultra-high water pressure jets, but also for protective sportswear like puncture resistant fencing suits, cut resistant ice-skate suits or even fall protective cycling shorts or motorcycle apparel.

The combination of high strength, cut and heat resistance of Technora® or Twaron® (para-aramid) makes the fiber very suitable for all applications were people or equipment are exposed to high heat and/or flames like firefighter suits, workwear or industrial applications.

The patented print technology Superfabric® with its extreme abrasion resistance has already proven its value in many high demanding applications such as motorcycle apparel, workwear, upholstery, transportation, outdoor, bags and footwear.

Thanks to wide range of different type of prints and the flexibility a fabric solution can be tailored to the specific needs in the final application.

Bodyshield® is a fabric developed by eurofibers made from Dyneema® Diamond Technology and offers a high level of cut and slash protection and can be used as a liner inside garments or underwear for those exposed to violence (prison and security guards, first responders, police).

For some applications where there is a multiple treat a combination of the abovementioned fibers and fabrics can be applied and it is thanks to the fact that FibrXL can offer all these unique technologies our team is available to help in advising and co-develop new solutions that meet your specific requirements.

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