Dyneema® and Technora® are well-established in kite and paragliding lines and have proven success.

Dyneema® offers maximum breaking strength for the lowest diameter and thus ensures the highest degree of safety possible. Its resistance to abrasion, bending, aging, and peak loading ensures maximum reliability in the most important moments. Its superior smoothness makes their use easier and more comfortable and its low stretch contributes to better steering properties.

These properties make it the perfect material to be used in kite and paragliding lines, an application in which reliability, predictability, and resistance to the environment are crucial. Its excellent attributes are also appreciated in other sport applications: bow strings for archery, fencing suits, 4×4 pulling lines, gliding lines and helmets.

Our para-aramid Technora® can address the needs of manufacturers looking to offer superlative product performance. Made from co-polymers, Technora® is eight times as strong as steel, and has high modulus, as well as great heat and chemical resistance.

Thanks to a unique co-polymer chemical composition that sets it apart from other PPTA-based para-aramid yarns, Technora® offers superior performance in terms of fatigue, abrasion resistance, chemical stability and temperature resistance. The result is outstanding durability combined with very high tenacity.

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