Ripo™ is EuroFibers’ proprietary range of ripcord products which are specifically designed for cutting of metal armoured cables and jacket cables.

Our Ripcords are based on Twaron® aramid, the leading para-aramid fiber produced by Teijin Aramid. The paracrystalline structure in which the molecular chains are oriented enables Twaron® to combine a variety of properties and to be one of the leading man-made fibers on the market. It offers a unique combination of mechanical properties, chemical resistance, excellent durability and thermal stability.

Ripo™ RC ripcord can be used in any type of cable, allowing easy access to the cable core, during installation or maintenance works. It is ripcord is ideal for cutting through corrugated steel tapes.

Ripo™ WB is a water blocking ripcord. The water blocking technology is being applied under license of Teijin Aramid. The finish provides an efficient and cost effective way of introducing Super Absorbent Polymer into the fiber optic cable. This gives an excellent way to protect the cable and ensures no water travels along the ripcord in case of water penetrating the cable jacket.

Ripo™ PS is based on slightly twisted Twaron® aramid fiber shielded by our proprietary non wicking Prisma® coating technology. This coating also provides good abrasion resistance. This product has been specifically engineered to provide clean ripping on fiber optic cables.
 Ripo™ PS is available in blue (BU), red (RD) and orange (OR).

Applicable brands: