Slings made with Dyneema® can be used in a variety of settings: on docks, construction sites, heavy industry and many more. Slings today need to be stronger and more reliable than ever before as heavier loads of different sizes have to be lifted faster and with a higher degree of precision.

Further they need to be reliable, predictable, as well as safe and easy to handle. Dyneema® provides the necessary characteristics to meet all these requirements. Slings made with Dyneema® are not only strong enough to lift the heaviest loads but are also superior in terms of safety and ease of handling and offer the same reliability and predictability as slings made from steel wire or chain. They are established on the market and are used by an increasing number of customers.

Slings made with Dyneema® lift heavier loads

Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber™ – on a weight-for-weight basis it is 15 times stronger than steel. Slings made with Dyneema® have the same diameter as slings made of steel wire, but weigh only a fraction. Slings made with Dyneema® are also superior to polyester slings – they are only 75 percent of the diameter and less than half the weight while offering the same strength. These characteristics make slings made with Dyneema® the ideal solution for lifting heavy loads with maximum reliability and safety.

Slings made with Dyneema® boost your operations

Slings made with Dyneema® enhance the three most important aspects in lifting: speed, safety and efficiency. An increasing number of operators in various industries and countries relies on slings made with Dyneema® and the characteristic advantages they offer. Slings made with Dyneema® are lighter, more handy and are easier to use than conventional slings. This facilitates the work with heavy loads in the most difficult environments. Extremely good cut and abrasion resistance as well as superior durability – these specific qualities of Dyneema® improve workplace safety as well productivity and economical efficiency of your operations. Slings made with Dyneema® can be used for a variety of loads making the use and storage of multiple slings made from steel or polyester unnecessary. In this way, Dyneema® helps your company to save time during operation and to minimize inventory costs

Safety first with slings made with Dyneema®

The lifting of heavy load in a difficult environment poses significant threats to crew and cargo. Slings made with Dyneema® are appreciated for their incredible softness, their low weight, and their ease of use. This does not only make operations more efficient but does protect your workforce by significantly reducing possible injuries and accidents. Its low weight reduces crew injuries and the ease of handling enables your workforce to operate the sling with more confidence and precision.

Operating in the most difficult environments

Slings made with Dyneema® demonstrate their superior performance even in the most demanding work environments. They are superior to slings made of steel wire and synthetic materials in terms of tension and bending fatigue as well as abrasion resistance.

Their minimal stretch makes lifting more precise and their resistance to most chemicals, UV, and salt water makes them extremely durable and resistant to environmental impacts and thus a long-term investment for the future. These characteristics and the fact that slings made with Dyneema® float on water and do not absorb water makes them the perfect sling for the extreme requirements and conditions in various work environments. Slings made with Dyneema® can be used offshore, deep-sea, or on the dock – or wherever a sling with extreme durability and resistance is required.

The world’s strongest slings – made with Dyneema®

One of the most important attributes for slings is their reliability. Operators have to be able to rely on the equipment that they use during their heavy-duty activities. You can depend on slings made with Dyneema® to lift the most demanding loads and to perform in the most demanding environments. The inherent properties of Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, make it nearly indestructible. With the special covers of Dyneema® added to slings you end up working with slings that are highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. This makes the lifting of loads with sharp edges, like metal sheets or concrete parts, easier than ever before. The durability of Dyneema® compares favourably to other synthetic slings when working with the most demanding loads.

Suited for operation in the most demanding environments

The unique characteristics of slings made with Dyneema® – resistance to wear and tear, to chemicals, salt water, as well as to cut – are well-known in industries that operate in harsh environments. Lifting slings made with Dyneema® are used in utility companies, chemical plants and military and emergency operations and have proven successful and superior to comparable slings made of traditional materials. Slings made with Dyneema® have minimal elongation – almost the same as steel wire and significantly less than polyester or nylon slings – and thus are well-suited for operation with heavy loads and continuous load.

Dyneema® is an intelligent investment for the future of your company

Slings made with Dyneema® increase the efficiency of your operations, provide superior safety to crew and cargo, and are the kind of reliable sling your business needs to ensure the highest quality in its operations. They have replaced many slings made of steel wire or cable and have proven their high performance in the most demanding environments in various industries. Slings made with Dyneema® are an efficient and effective solution for your lifting needs – and thus an intelligent investment.

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