Enhanced efficiency

When braiding High Performance Fibers, the main concern is to minimize the loss of tenacity. The areal density and the construction of the braid influence the performance of the rope. During the production process of converting yarn to fiber bundle, High Performance Fibers can lose a considerable amount of strength due to their low elongation and high modulus. By stretching Dyneema® almost to its melting temperature, gains of 20% are possible in terms of properties as compared with unstretched yarn. These gains mean that a customer will either receive yarn that is significantly stronger or will need less yarn to achieve the same results.

FibrXL uses a unique method of heat-setting in which we stretch the product at the strand level and not at the rope level. We coat the yarn from the inside out, and build the final product, working from filament to strand to rope. During this process, a second layer of coating may be applied if desired. This unique working method improves efficiency considerably, extends the lifetime and enhances the colour fastness of the rope.