Sustainable speed

FibrXL’s most recent major investment, the Saurer Allma 2-for-1 twisting machine takes into account our customers’ requests and specific demands for the production of special and large packages. This twisting machine is particularly suitable for the production of twisted industrial fibers rip cords and tire cords, as well as for plying pretwisted yarns.

The latest twisting technology makes it possible for us to deliver all of the High Performance Fibers in a broad range of extremely high-quality twisting levels, and in large volumes. We can do this for coated and uncoated yarn. The machine can produce up to 400 metres per minute. All of the components guiding the yarn during the twisting process are designed to be very gentle on the yarn thanks to their special wear-resistant surface.

Our experienced and highly qualified employees are capable of processing Dyneema®, Trevo®, Twaron®, Technora® and Vectran® using the 2-for-1 twisting machine, and using optical yarn sensors sensor, can continuously monitor 100% of the process for possible defects in the yarn. This special capability makes us unique in the market and enables us to guarantee extremely high quality on a continuous basis.