FibrXL Italy recycles tons of production waste to create new fibres, is the exclusive distributor in Europe of Aquafil’s regenerated Nylon 6 for industrial applications, reduces packaging waste thanks to its partners and has adopted a transparent circular economy model. Here are all the activities that FibrXL Italy has implemented to bring sustainability to the fiber and yarn sector.


3.500 tons

3.500 tons

Tons of production waste recovered each year by FibrXL Italy for recycling

Fibers collected

Fibers collected

Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Polyester, Para-aramid

Waste Destination

Waste Destination

The collected fibers are recycled at Compounder or other Recyclers who are involved in the melting and production of new polymers which will become yarns or other plastic materials again.


Aquafil has chosen FibrXL Italy as the exclusive distributor in Europe of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon 6 yarns for industrial applications, in particular for rope and netting manufacturers, where FibrXL Italy mainly operates and has a certain history and expertise in the processing of synthetic yarns, although developments in other markets are not excluded.

There are many industrial applications in which regenerated Nylon 6 can be used, and several customers have already tried it with a view to working according to the circular economy criteria and contributing to improving the environment around us and creating a better future for the next generations.

Our initiatives For the environment

The Take Back project also involves the collection of nylon ropes and nets, production waste from Eurotefilati client rope and net factories, to be delivered to Aquafil for the production of Econyl®

The project is also approaching the possibility of recovering nylon ropes and nets (single-fiber) at the end of their life cycle, therefore post-consumer, again in order to recycle them into new regenerated Econyl® yarn

FibrXL Italy, thanks to the collaboration of some customers, is carrying out a project to reduce waste in relation to packaging.

The goal is to recycle/reuse parts of the packaging as much as possible, such as tubes, boxes, separators and pallets. Collection methods and transport times are being studied to make the operation as sustainable as possible.

The Re3 Model is a transparent circular economy model designed to reduce the environmental impact of used clothing. Clothing manufacturing companies participating in the project collect used clothing and these can be resold (Re.sell), reused (Re-use) or regenerated (Re-generate). What should be destined for pulping is divided by fiber and sent to FibrXL Italy for recycling.

FibrXL Italy is the main actor in the Re-generate phase: it carries out a sorting to understand what can be regenerated, from what cannot be regenerated, and it takes care of sending the material to be regenerated to partner companies specialized in these processes.

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