The use of our High Performance Fibers, besides increasing the performance of the final product, will increase the durability and therefore result in a more sustainable final product. Because of the extreme high strength of our High Performance Fibers, only a relative small amount is required to significantly improve performance, durability and lifetime of the final product.

A good example of this is the addition of less than 5% of UHMWPE fiber into cotton that can double the lifetime of a denim fabric (typically used for workwear applications) and in this way save thousands of liters of water to grow the cotton required to produce one pair of jeans.


FibrXL is re-processing its left-over yarns into staple fibers for use into other applications. The in-house developed Prisma® yarn coating technology significantly increases the durability of ropes due to the reduction of friction inside the rope between the individual yarns. This solvent free water based technology therefore contributes to having a more sustainable product.