Dyneema® fibers are the perfect addition to fishing lines: Their smoothness lets them slide easily over any obstacle and its thinness reduces resistance and visibility to fish. Combined with the superior strength and durability, fishing lines made with Dyneema® make fishing even more fun and even more successful.

Incredibly strong and remarkably soft

Fishing lines made with Dyneema® provide amazing sensitivity – not comparable to stretchy mono lines – that will make the fishing experience even more enjoyable. The process of playing the fish becomes more accurate as even the slightest touch or movement is conveyed and thus control over the fish is maximized. The precise control of the line enables the angler to react quickly and thus increases the probability of a successful hook-up. Dyneema®’s unmatched sensitivity heightens the sensation experienced and leads to a quicker and more efficient fishing process.

Reliability and durability as key characteristics

Fishing lines made with Dyneema® set new standards regarding durability and reliability of fishing lines. The inherent properties make the fishing line resistant to abrasion, tearing and biting. They survive the sharpest rock as well as the sharpest teeth. In addition, Dyneema®’s fiber is highly resistant to sun and salt water what will make fishing line much more durable and reliable.

Dyneema® introduces a new generation of fishing nets and ropes

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization the demand for fresh fish is expected to more than double in the coming decades. More fish, especially biting fish, and more valuable fish will be raised in fish farms. This leads to an increased need for higher-quality, stronger fishing nets and ropes in aquaculture. Dyneema® fibers are currently used in a new generation of fishing nets and ropes that make fish farming safer, more reliable, and more efficient in economic terms.

Maximum strength to reduce escapes

Dyneema®’s exceptional bite resistance reduces the risk of losing fish stock and thus reduces the financial risk incurred when using traditional fishing nets made of polyamide, which are prone to break. Fishing nets made with Dyneema® do not only resist bites from fish inside the net but also bites from predators outside the net. This is only one of the advantages Dyneema® fibers offer when being used by fishermen farming sea bass and sea bream in the Mediterranean. The use of double polyamide fishing nets in order to prevent escape becomes redundant by using stronger, bite-resistant fishing nets made with Dyneema®. Fishing nets made with Dyneema® are as light as they are strong – the perfect combination of attributes for the fishing industry. The low weight reduces tension on mooring systems, facilitates the work of the crew and makes it safer. Fishing nets made from Dyneema® are weightless in water due to its specific gravity of under 1 and do not absorb water – properties that save money and increase operational efficiency.

Healthier fish means healthier fishing business

A fishing cage that constitutes a healthy and low-stress environment is the basic prerequisite for a flourishing fish population and thus a successful fishing business. The unmatched thinness of Dyneema® fiber makes it possible to reduce the twine size compared to traditional materials. But still the incredible strength of the Dyneema® fiber makes the fishing cage shape more stable in strong currents and thus enables better water and oxygen flow through the fishing net. This leads to a healthier and stable environment and contributes to a successful fishing farm. Another challenge fishing farms face is fouling. The smaller, more flexible twine surface, which can be achieved by using Dyneema® nets, can reduce fouling in the fishing nets and thus further reduce cage weight, facilitate handling and reduce operating costs.

An investment in the efficiency of your fishing business

Fishing nets made with Dyneema® fibers can significantly reduce your maintenance costs. Their resistance to wave-tension fatigue and to UV damage increases their durability and decreases the operating expenses of the fisherman. Fishing nets made with Dyneema® are also easy to handle and mitigate the need for huge machinery and additional workforce. Its soft surface reduces fouling and makes cleaning of the nets less time and money consuming. Dyneema® fiber has an incredible strength that makes it resistant to cuts from boats and bites from fish. This reduces the need for maintenance and ensures continuous operation. The numerous advantages fishing nets made with Dyneema® offer are appreciated in the fishing industry and are also reflected in the fact that some insurance companies have reduced premiums for cod farmers using nets made with Dyneema®.

A fiber that performs in the toughest environments

Fish farming is expected to move to more exposed or even offshore sites, since most near-shore locations are fully exploited. This presents new challenges for fishing nets used in fishing farms and thus ultimately for the fishing farm industry. Nets made with Dyneema® have proven successful in these harsh conditions: Together with Aquastructures AS (Norway), DSM Dyneema performed simulations on the behavior of fishing nets made from Dyneema® fiber in exposed areas. The net shape, water throughput, as well as the stress on the mooring system was improved and the entire cage performance was enhanced by the smaller twine and lighter weight. This shows that fishing nets made with Dyneema® are able to meet the increasingly complex demands of an increasingly competitive industry.

The benefit of increasing cage size

One way to respond to increasing demand and increasing competition is using larger fishing cages. Dyneema® fibers help your company to increase cage size while maintaining safety, shape, and stability of larger cages in more extreme conditions. Due to the low weight of fishing nets made with Dyneema®, there is no need for larger investments in larger boats. The reliability of these nets has been proven and will contribute substantially to a more efficient and thus more successful fishing industry.

Wild Catch

Fishermen require fishing nets that are reliable in the harshest environments and are economically efficient at the same time. This is the reason why more and more nets made of nylon are being replaced by netting made with Dyneema® fiber. The diameter of netting twines made with Dyneema® fiber is reduced by up to 50 percent resulting in reduced drag resistance. This results in increased speed of operation, lower costs and increased fishing effectiveness. Further, ropes made with Dyneema® are extensively used and prove their superior characteristics. Our lightweight ropes replace steel wire as they reduce drag and enable near surface fishing. Its low elongation enables better control of the net and makes fishing easier than ever before.

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